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Tilt Tray Hire Darwin

A tilt tray truck is an ideal solution when you need to quickly, safely, and easily carry heavy loads, including moving heavy equipment between locations or around your worksite.

Tilt tray hire in Darwin is easy at iRental.

What is a Tilt Tray?

A tilt tray truck (also known as a flatbed, rollback, or slide truck) is a large vehicle that is used to carry heavy, bulky items from place to place, as opposed to towing them behind another vehicle. These trucks are commonly seen travelling on Australia’s highways carrying cars or other types of heavy equipment.

Tilt tray trucks are built with a moveable flatbed tray that tilts at an angle to accommodate the loading and unloading process. Equipped with a hydraulic lift and a winch, it is the easiest and safest way to “tow” heavy equipment and vehicles.
Tilt trays also amplify the comfort and safety of the driver, even potentially accommodating up to five passengers or a sleeping area for the driver for long-distance routes.

Hiring a tilt tray truck offers numerous benefits for your business. These include versatility, enhanced workplace safety (both for workers as well as the site itself), convenience, and a heightened level of protection for the loads they carry.
There is no more convenient way to transport vehicles, machinery, shipping containers, etc, to and from your location or around your site or mine than via a tilt tray truck.

Tilt Tray Rental Near You – iRental

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iRental offers a myriad of heavy equipment for hire, including the 8×4 Isuzu Tilt Tray.

Isuzu is a leading truck brand in Australia. Its 8×4 tilt tray truck offers a wide variety of benefits, including for the construction, logistics, civil, and mining industries. Highly rated, it prioritises safety and functionality with advanced technology and inclusions.

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