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Track Skid Steers Hire Darwin

Light and manoeuvrable, the skid steer has a surprising load capacity and versatility and is commonly used for landscaping and construction projects.

iRental offers top-quality track skid steers for hire in Darwin.

What are Skid Steers?

Sometimes also called a skid loader or wheel loader, a skid steer is a multipurpose, compact piece of equipment used for digging. It has attachment arms for different tools and either four wheels or two tracks.

A skid steer’s wheels or tracks are fixed in alignment and do not turn; the operator must operate the wheels or tracks on each side independently (each side operating on a different engine) to increase their speed on one side to turn the vehicle. This causes the wheels or track to drag or skid across the ground. A track skid steer (as opposed to a skid steer with wheels) is ideally suited for driving over soft ground and uneven terrain.

The greatest benefit of using a skid steer lies in its many attachment options, enabling it to be used for a wide variety of jobs. These attachments may include everything from buckets to drilling augers, blades, brooms, pallet forks, backhoes, hammers, tillers, grapples, rotary cutters, cement mixers, graders, and more.

Skid steers are used for diverse applications including:

  • Excavation
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Trenching
  • Digging
  • Snow clearing
  • And more

Skid Steer Rental Near You – iRental

Do you need track skid steers for hire?

iRental has medium-sized track skid steers for rental throughout Australia. No matter how large or small your project, whether you are undertaking a DIY backyard landscaping project, are a tradie or a construction company, or require equipment for a remote mining project, we have exactly what you need, customised to your specifications and backed by new warranties and our expert support services. From mini skid steer equipment to larger heavy equipment for hire, we do it all.

Our equipment hire is backed by our quality and service guarantee. All equipment is serviced to a strict regimen, and we can promptly deliver to any location in Australia.

Contact us now to chat with an expert about your project. We will collaborate with you to understand your needs and provide the best quality equipment available.