Excavators & Attachment Hire

Excavator Hire Darwin

Excavators are among the most valuable pieces of heavy equipment on any construction site. They are suitable for use in everything from residential landscaping and renovation projects to commercial, civil, mining, and industrial constructions.

From mini excavator rental to large 35 Tonne excavators and their attachments, iRental is your superior provider of excavator hire in Darwin.

Excavators & Attachments

An excavator (or digger) is used to create large channels or holes in the ground and remove soil and dirt from that immediate area. The ideal equipment for removing topsoil, excavators are widely used for:

  • Creating space for swimming pools or ponds
  • Digging space for building foundations
  • Digging trenches for plumbing or electrical utility installations
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping
  • Dredging beaches and waterways
  • Mining
  • Heavy object handling
  • And more

Excavators are comprised of several components, including the “house”, gears and motors, undercarriage, boom, stick, and bucket. They also accommodate a wide array of attachments, which are matched for the specific application required.

These attachments include (but are not limited to):

  • Bucket – in various types to suit the material being excavated, enabling digging of different shaped trenches, spading and sieving, and more.
  • Ripper – used to powerfully rip through frozen or hard surfaces and to remove embedded root systems and tree stumps.
  • Drum Cutter – used for excavating rock, scaling underground, trenching, profiling tunnels, and demolition.
  • Compaction Wheel – used to increase the density of the underlying ground and reduce voids, improving the strength of the ground to bear loads.
    and others

Excavator Rental Near You – iRental

iRental has an impressive fleet of excavators and attachments for hire in Darwin. We can mobilise our equipment anywhere nationwide, including remote mining sites.

Our offerings include:

  • Excavators: 14T to 35T, with attachment options including:
    • General Purpose (GP) Bucket
    • Mud Bucket
    • Skeleton Bucket
    • Compaction Wheel
  • Ripper
  • Excavator Drum Cutters
  • Our 20T and 30T Excavators come with the additional option of a GPS System

Do you need excavator rental near you? Don’t hesitate – call or email us at iRental now. We look forward to chatting with you and helping with any questions or queries you may have.